You Were Made by God to Dream

Mark Furlong
3 min readMar 2, 2021


“Nothing happens unless first we dream.” Carl Sandburg

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Everything Important Start with a Dream

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For dreaming is essential for changing ourselves and changing the world.” Albert Einstein

“And your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.” Acts 2:17b

Every home and building, every vehicle we drive, every organization we see, every device we use, every book we read started in the unseen world of thoughts and ideas.

Because people dream, we can get from one location to another in a matter of hours rather than in months. Because people dream, we have organizations that educate and train people do to important work. Because people dream, we are able to grow food and distribute it to millions and billions of people. Because people dream, we can communicate with each other instantly in almost any place on the planet.

It all starts with a dream.

We need plans and we need to take action but without an inspiring, challenging dream, few things of significance ever happen. Sure, every now and then someone just happens to stumble upon something, but even then, if a dream does not grip someone’s heart, that discovery has little impact.

I want to encourage you, challenge you, and plead with you: PLEASE DREAM!

God Himself Put You Here for Important Purposes and He Doesn’t Make Mistakes

God put you here for a reason. No, let me correct that. God put you here for many important reasons and He does not make mistakes.

Let me be a little selfish here. I need you being the best you can be and doing the best work you can do; and so do many other people. There are a few things I can do very well but there are many things I cannot. I am a pretty decent strategist, writer, and coach.

Work wise, I am decent to terrible at most everything else. It is the same with you and every other human being on the planet. We have a handful of things we are really good at; and that is enough; IF we join with others who are dreaming and doing with integrity and excellence.

I need great tech people. I need great pastors. I need great accountants, plumbers, teachers, musicians, and more. You get the idea. If we are going to impact the world and change it for good; we need as many people as possible dreaming great dreams and taking action to make them a reality.

What we do not need is average, bored, lame, and lousy. I do not want to go to a lousy doctor. I do not want to go to a financial advisor who is bored and uninterested in me. We need to step into living great lives and doing great work and that all starts with great dreaming.

The Enemy is a Dream Discourager and Destroyer

The Apostle Peter quoted the prophet Joel in declaring that God is a vision and dream giver. The Holy Spirit wants to reveal God’s dreams and visions to you because we are designed by God to pursue vision, to see the unseen and turn it into reality.

The enemy knows that, so he will try HARD to discourage or destroy the dreams and visions God gives you.

Understand that, be aware of it, and take steps to guard that precious dream God has given you of what He wants you to become and accomplish.

If the enemy can crush the dream, He can block us from moving forward in the plans and purposes of God. Instead of changing our part of the world in God’s love and power; we stall and settle.

“Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4)

Use those spiritual weapons God has given you, fight for the God dream, and draw strength and wisdom from the One who gave it to you.

I need you living your purpose-driven dream!

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