You Were Made by God to Dream

Photo by Илья Мельниченко on Unsplash

Everything Important Start with a Dream

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For dreaming is essential for changing ourselves and changing the world.” Albert Einstein

God Himself Put You Here for Important Purposes and He Doesn’t Make Mistakes

God put you here for a reason. No, let me correct that. God put you here for many important reasons and He does not make mistakes.

The Enemy is a Dream Discourager and Destroyer

The Apostle Peter quoted the prophet Joel in declaring that God is a vision and dream giver. The Holy Spirit wants to reveal God’s dreams and visions to you because we are designed by God to pursue vision, to see the unseen and turn it into reality.



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Mark Furlong

Mark Furlong


Helping busy, active people know and live all of God’s purposes for their life: the complete life.,