The Two Essentials of Spiritual and Personal Transformation

Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

God’s Plans for Us are Amazing!

What could possibly be better than growing up, experiencing transformation in all aspects, in every area of life so we become more and more like the Son of God?

1. We Must Be Spiritually Born Again

In John 3:3–6 Jesus said to see and enter the kingdom of God we must be born again by the Holy Spirit.

2. Deep Level Mind Renewal

Once we are born again, spiritually made alive in Jesus, then the next phase can begin.

Two Systems In the Brain

Over the last few decades, due to much better technology, we understand much more about how the brain works. There is still much to learn, but some really encouraging discoveries have been made on how the brain works and how it can change.

Let’s Review:

For lasting change to take place there are two absolute essentials:

  1. We must experience new birth by God’s Spirit
  2. Our thinking, our minds must be renewed.



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Mark Furlong

Mark Furlong


Helping busy, active people know and live all of God’s purposes for their life: the complete life.,