The Power of Faith to Transform Your Life

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If you learned how to receive what God promises in His Word, how would that change your life?

That’s one of the questions that drove me to a deep dive on the multi-layered topic of receiving the divine nature, receiving what God wants us to have. Because I know, and you know, that if we learn to receive those thousands of God-given promises, which are by the way, His desire for us, we will experience more and more of the abundant, overflowing life Jesus emphasized.

Abraham and Sarah learned to do this.

At the ages of 100 and 90, respectively, they received the miraculous healing and creative power of God in their bodies to such an extent that they were able to conceive and have a son.

One of Our Biggest Advantages

One of the biggest advantages all believers CAN have over non-believers is in the realm of personal growth and transformation.

Faith based on what God has spoken is at the heart of becoming who God says we are.

This passage teaches us that God had already declared Abraham to be the father of many nations BEFORE he had any children and the age of child bearing was long past. But God said it was a reality.

That is who God says we are, even when we are not yet fully living it.

One of the most powerful ways those words become reality in our lives is by believing them and holding on to them. “ABRAHAM BELIEVED SO THAT HE MIGHT BECOME.”



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Mark Furlong

Mark Furlong

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