THE Most Important Factor in Living the Greatest Life Possible

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Jesus did not come to condemn people…

He came to save, liberate, heal, and empower people to be what God had planned them to be. (John 3:16–18)

Jesus demonstrated and taught that people who are not connected to God in a deep way, have no chance of life the way God intended.

I saw that Jesus died on the cross to pay for all humanities wrong doings, including mine. When He rose from the dead and then ascended into heaven, all of us could receive complete forgiveness from every sin we would ever commit and could have a life-giving, purpose-giving relationship with our Creator.

Immediate Soul Change

When I made the decision to receive Jesus’ amazing, unearned gift of eternal life by simply believing He died for my sins, and was raised from the dead, when I took a step of faith and asked Him to be my Leader and Savior, there was an immediate change in my soul.

How can we experience and keep experiencing God in such a way that it transforms us and empowers us to live His holy, unique purposes for our lives.

The entire Bible is filled with stories, poems, songs, prayers, and lots of clear teaching on how to do that.

Our Bibles have over 1,000 pages of God given words. That can feel overwhelming, UNLESS, we learn the pillar teachings of Scripture and order all those truths accordingly.

The #1 Factor in the Greatest Life Possible Is…

The starting point, the source, the first priority is why we named this ministry TruVine Mission. Every word in Scripture is God inspired, but the #1 key to living life the way God intended is found in one verse: John 15:5:

How Not to Waste Your Life

This is so important to understand. Apart from Jesus, it doesn’t matter how great our accomplishments might seem, in God’s eyes they are nothing. The only things that will last into eternity are things done out of an abiding relationship with Jesus.



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Mark Furlong

Mark Furlong


Helping busy, active people know and live all of God’s purposes for their life: the complete life.,