The Incredible Power of Biblical Revelation

Mark Furlong
3 min readJan 6, 2021

Revelation Determines Elevation

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Your level of spiritual insight and knowledge, your level of revelation, determines to a great degree your elevation and your destination.

The More You See the Higher You Go

God’s grace is the most important factor. If God decides to bless something, that trumps everything. But, generally speaking, because God has promised grace to all believers, the greater and stronger your God-given revelation, the higher and further you will go in God’s purposes.

Revelation is Spirit-given and has been imparted or worked its way into your soul so that it is part of how you now act. In my head, I can know that praying for and loving my enemies is the right thing to do, but it is not imparted revelation until I’m actually doing

I can, at one level, really believe that God wants to save lost people, but unless I’m taking steps to reach out to them, it’s just information and not revelation. It is our level of Holy Spirit given revelation that results in transformation that determines our level of elevation.

We Can Only Walk In the Light We Have

“My people perish for lack of knowledge…” Hosea 2:8

“You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

32). Although God has important purposes and promises prepared for us, if we don’t know what those purposes and promises are, we will miss out on many of them. Truth (God’s knowledge) has the power to liberate us, but only if we know it.

It is “knowing the truth” that produces results, not just the power of truth itself.

If I don’t know God has purposes prepared for me, then most of the time I will just follow the wind of circumstances or feelings. In reality, following circumstances and feelings in how most of the world lives.

Emotions are Powerful

Emotions are so powerful that in their book Switch, Chip and Dan Heath describe emotions as the elephant that people ride on. But when God shines the light of revelation in my soul and I see what He wants me to have and do, then I can focus my faith and energy in the right direction. I can actually guide the elephant of emotion where I want it to go.

Truth In Us Imparts Life To Us

Since revelation leads to elevation, one of the main priorities of Jesus, the Apostles, and Christian leaders throughout history has always been and will continue to be teaching.

The more the truth of God gets inside us, the more the life of God is imparted to us. And, as with all of God’s promises, there are ever-deepening levels of revelation available to us.

The deeper God’s truth puts down roots in your soul, the more fruitful you will be. be. As a God-seeking Bible student of over three decades, I can honestly say there are never-ending levels of revelation available to us, even in some of the simplest and most basic truths.

For example, every single Christian and many non-Christians have heard “God loves you.” The difference is, Jesus followers haven’t just heard it; we have also received those words as true. Receiving those words imparts God’s love to us.

Pray Scripture to Increase Revelation

There are several wonderful ways to increase your level of revelation, but the most foundational is to simply pray God’s word.

Read a passage, study it in an attitude of prayer. Then pray those scriptures back to God as you ask Him to make it real and part of your soul.

Keep doing that and the amount and level of life-changing revelation you’ll receive will keep increasing.

The higher your level of revelation, the higher you will go in living your God-given purposes.

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