Learning to Pray

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Prayer is Learned

I find it very encouraging that Jesus closest friends and apprentices, who had spent significant time listening to Jesus’ teachings, watching Him live, observing regular miracles, and having already been sent out to start preaching, teaching, and healing themselves (Luke 10), still didn’t feel very confident in their prayer or devotional time.

When You Pray “Say”

“And he said to them, ‘When you pray say…” (Luke 11:2) Before we get to the actual plan or outline, please notice that though prayer is meant to be a two-way interaction with God, it most often starts with us taking initiative and starting the conversation.

A Powerful, Simple Prayer Outline

Jesus was giving them a basic outline or plan on what to do when you shut the door to the world and focus on God. This does not come naturally to us. Especially because God hardly ever talks to anyone in an audible voice, so it’s not like a typical conversation you have with your friend.

How I Apply This

I once spent at least 30 minutes responding to the reality of that first word, “Father.” The Holy Spirit was making real to me on that day that Almighty God, the Perfect One, was actually my father.



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Mark Furlong


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