Joy is God’s Will for You

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If You Sometimes Struggle with Being Joyful, This is for You

If you’re one of those naturally always happy people, this article probably won’t do a whole lot for you. This is for people who at times struggle to be joyful and positive (which is most of us).

It Starts With What We Believe to Be True

What we believe to be true is the most important factor in how we live. If we believe we are “losers” and nothing will ever work out for us, guess what, there is a really high likelihood that is what we’ll experience.

God’s Will for You is Joy

When you make the internal shift, based on God’s word, that He desires you to have joy, when you make the decision to believe those words, that opens you soul and emotions to start receiving and growing in godly joy.

What if You’re Feeling Depressed?

If you are dealing with chemical depression, I realize that is something that often requires medication or God’s healing power or both.

When You Can, Say “Yes” With the Faith You Have

Then, as the words of God begin doing their life-giving work in your soul and begin to light the fire of hope, peace, and love that go hand in hand with joy, you can take the next step of praising Him for His promise before you actually feel it.



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Mark Furlong


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