How to Combine Prayer and Planning without Frustration

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Both Prayer and Planning are Very Biblical

“The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the PLANS of His heart to all generations.” Psalm 33:11

The Ideal is to align ourselves with God’s plans for our lives.

When we pray over the different aspects of our lives, the Bible says God will give us insights and He will work with us to “establish” our plans when we commit them to Him.

What to Do When the Plan Fails

So what do we do when we have sincerely asked God for His plan, for His wisdom and His power to accomplish His will and it doesn’t work?

Here are a few suggestions I’ve found helpful.

  1. When the disciples could not help a boy get free from a demonic presence, they went to Jesus and asked Him why it didn’t work. Jesus answered them and gave them insights.

The question I ask is, “HAVE YOU READ THE BIBLE?”

Do you know how many times people took action on what God clearly told them to do and it did not work out well…..for a time?

How about when David tried bringing the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem? (2 Samuel 6)

That was a God-inspired plan.



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