How Much Clarity Do We Need to Start Taking Action in our Calling?

Photo by Jack Sharp on Unsplash

God Has Specialized Assignments for You

Jesus modeled for us how to live our lives. He would spend time in prayer and interaction with the Father, then go and do the assignments, the works, the Father gave Him to do.

Super Clear, Cloudless Vision

Just this morning I heard the testimony of a beautiful Jesus follower who has built one of the largest rehab real estate firms in the Southeast United States. She is doing a fantastic job of using her expertise and wealth to serve hundreds of children in Africa.

My “Assignments” are Less Clear, Less Certain

I love God, I want to do His will more than anything else, I have worked hard and am willing to keep working hard, but I’ve never gotten a literal vision from Jesus like she and others have.

Encouragement from Big Name Ministers

I’m not one of those super charismatic, big personality ministers that have zillions of followers and am on TV all the time. I don’t ever want to limit God, but the most people I’ve ever spoken to live at one time is around 3,000.

God Blesses Calculated Risk (FAITH)

The founder of the Vineyard Churches, John Wimber, often said, “you spell faith R-I-S-K.” The Bible warns against the sin of presumption, but in my experience, most of us wait for too much certainty before taking action.



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Mark Furlong


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