How Much Clarity Do We Need to Start Taking Action in our Calling?

Mark Furlong
5 min readMay 16, 2022

We Have Assignments from God, Do We Need 100% Certainty Before Moving Forward?

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Did you know that God has important areas of influence assigned to YOU?

Listen to what Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 10:13–16

we will only boast with regard to the AREA OF INFLUENCE GOD ASSIGNED to us, to reach even you….(15) But our hope is that as your faith increases our AREAS OF INFLUENCE among you may be greatly enlarged (16) so that we may preach the gospel in lands beyond you, without boasting of work already done in another’s AREA OF INFLUENCE.”

God Has Specialized Assignments for You

Jesus modeled for us how to live our lives. He would spend time in prayer and interaction with the Father, then go and do the assignments, the works, the Father gave Him to do.

Jesus got His assignment from the Father before He started His public ministry and He continued to do that on a regular basis AS He did His mission.

The Bible repeatedly teaches that God has assignments planned out for each and every one of us as well. Ephesians 2:10, 2 Timothy 1:9 tell us God has good works already prepared for us to fulfill based on His purposes and our unique calling.

It helps me to imagine as I prayerfully plan (quarterly, weekly, and daily), God communicating with me and telling me, “Mark, this is what I what you to work on this quarter (week, or day). It’s the assignment that is perfect for you and plays a key role in Me helping the people I’ve placed in your AOI (areas of influence).”

Super Clear, Cloudless Vision

Just this morning I heard the testimony of a beautiful Jesus follower who has built one of the largest rehab real estate firms in the Southeast United States. She is doing a fantastic job of using her expertise and wealth to serve hundreds of children in Africa.

It’s taken years of sacrifice and hard work, but she has been empowered by a super clear vision she got from Jesus as a teenager. It’s like she was given a direct from Jesus, clear-sky vision of exactly what Jesus assigned her to accomplish.

As I’m watching this and celebrating how she has persevered through some really tough times, is now so financially blessed, and is making such a difference in the world for God and good, I’m also feeling frustrated.

My “Assignments” are Less Clear, Less Certain

I love God, I want to do His will more than anything else, I have worked hard and am willing to keep working hard, but I’ve never gotten a literal vision from Jesus like she and others have.

I usually get subtle “impressions or desires or ideas”, but I have not yet gotten one of these heavenly visions that you just can’t ignore.

I have to sometimes battle frustration because when I take steps forward on what I believe (but am not certain) God wants me to do, I have to battle through a higher level of doubt than this awesome woman of God.

She has had to battle opposition and hardship (every worth while vision requires effort and battles), but she had an undeniable heavenly vision to go back to.

I, an most other Christians, have never had that type of God-vision.

For me, doing what I believe is God’s assignments are always a combination of pretty cloudy to light clouds, but so far anyway, not cloudless vision or guidance.

Encouragement from Big Name Ministers

I’m not one of those super charismatic, big personality ministers that have zillions of followers and am on TV all the time. I don’t ever want to limit God, but the most people I’ve ever spoken to live at one time is around 3,000.

But as I’ve listened to some of these leaders who pack out arenas or speak to millions of people on-line and on TV, several have shared that they too have never had a literal “Jesus” vision either. Yet, God is using them in very big and public ways.

Several have shared how they follow Psalm 37:4 as the main way to know God’s assignment. Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

If we make God our delight, if we put Him first, living from Him and for Him, then God will give us desires. Those desires can be strong indicators of His plans and His assignments for us.

If a desire is godly and sticks with us, then we can move forward with a high probability that it really is God’s assignment, His will.

I’ve also heard several national leaders say they never get 100% certainty that the ideas and desires they get are God’s will. Instead, they pray and discuss until they get to 80% certainty, then they go ahead an take action.

They say that a step of faith is required, that God rarely gives us 100% certainty, so take a faith step and get going. If it isn’t God’s plan, they will eventually see that and change course.

God Blesses Calculated Risk (FAITH)

The founder of the Vineyard Churches, John Wimber, often said, “you spell faith R-I-S-K.” The Bible warns against the sin of presumption, but in my experience, most of us wait for too much certainty before taking action.

We keep waiting for the angelic visitation, the super clear vision, the heavenly revelation, the audible voice or at least a super clear, no-denying this is God’s will thought. Oh, and don’t forget the “confirmations”.

“God if this is really Your will, then give me five more signs, then I’ll know.” But the reality is, for most of us, those things rarely, if ever happen.

The good news, and the bad news, is if God doesn’t give us those spectacular visitations, the more common and ways of guidance of lasting godly desires, clear thoughts, peace, excitement, or drive to change things, can be enough for us to take action and fulfill our assignments.

Here is where I’m at, I’ll move forward on those putting God first desires and thoughts and trust God to show me if I’m wrong as I take action. The Bible is pretty clear that taking action allows God to work through us and redirect us much better than if we just keep sitting and waiting for total certainty and clarity.

How about joining me and seeing what happens?

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