Cycles of Spiritual Growth

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Spiritual Growth Happens in Cycles

When it comes to growth including faith,, it’s a cycle. We see or hear what God says in the Bible. Then, we make a decision to receive what God says is true, internalizing it, working through doubts and challenges, taking action, and seeing faith grow and mature.

A Growth Example from My Life

Let me give you a practical example from my own life. Before I became a Jesus follower I had no Christian friends; not one. So after I received Christ my first year of college, I was nervous about sharing my Jesus journey with the people I had been drinking and partying with just a few months earlier.

  1. I was scared. As I said, NONE of my friends were Jesus followers. We were beer drinking, partying, jocks who only used God’s name to express and emotion of some type. “What would they think of me? What if they ask me questions about life and faith, and I don’t know the answer?”
  2. The second reason, was in the back of my mind, I was still wondering if everyone actually needed to be saved. I knew I did. I knew I was lost, looking for answers, looking for purpose…but maybe, not everyone needed that. Maybe there were different ways to God.



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Mark Furlong

Mark Furlong


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