Come to God with Confidence

Photo by Nicolas Hoizey on Unsplash

Let me encourage you that when you sin, run, run hard towards God; not away from Him.

Adam and Eve ran from God and hid from him after they sinned. We realize that God is sinless. He is holy, He is light and in Him there is no darkness. So when we blow it, again, it is very human to let shame and guilt push us away from God.

God Does Not Reject You When You Blow It

God does not stop loving you when you mess up, and He does not close the door so you cannot come to Him. If any of us had to be good enough, none of us could ever come to Him. So, when you screw up, don’t run away or let the enemy tell you that God is sick of your repeated failures.

How I Practice This

The famous 19th century evangelist, Charles Finney, once said that the longer he is a Christian the more aware he is of the depth of his sin. As a maturing Christ-follower we live with this tension. The more we experience God’s cleansing and healing, the deeper He goes so we can experience more and more the abundant life of Jesus.



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Mark Furlong

Mark Furlong


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