How to Receive What God Has Already Given us in Christ

Are you like me where you sometimes struggle experiencing the abundant life Jesus promised?

One of my biggest spiritual challenges through the years is how do I experience more of what God says is mine in Christ.

I read…

3 Steps Jesus Taught

Today, we’re going to talk about what Jesus said about building an unshakeable life. And, being the brilliant teacher He is, He gives us just three main steps.

I know our world is going through a crazy time with a lot of really unbiblical changes trying to force their on…

If you are hungry for more of the abundant life Jesus talked about, if you desire to experience God in a deeper, more life-changing way, what I’m about to share will help you do that and more.

My Personal, Present Mini-Revival

I’ve been a Jesus-follower and a serious student of the Bible for over…

Romans Riches of Christ #2

During my first year of college, I started wondering what my purpose in life was or if there really was one. …

Bible Study: Riches of Christ in the Book of Romans #1

What God has planned for people is so far beyond what our natural minds can conceive, it really does take the Holy Spirit to help us see it and then experience it.

A World Of Incomplete Knowledge

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, having lived as long as I…

3 Biblical Processes to Experience God’s Peace While Being Productive

As sincere Jesus followers, we want to know God better, grow in Christlikeness, and do the work, fulfill the purposes God has assigned to us.

We all want peace in our souls and Jesus said we could have it. “PEACE…

Our potential for on-going growth is incredible when we follow Scripture, Supported by Science

The Bible teaches that incredible spiritual and personal growth is possible when connected with God. Science is also providing some really encouraging insights on how we can see great growth take place. …

All Jesus followers want to grow and change, the big question is how.

Sometimes you hear stories of people who are instantly changed by God’s power. My wife was once instantly healed of a crippling disease. One moment she was in great pain, headed for a life in a wheelchair. …

Here is the Process God Takes us Through as we Grow in Faith

Have you ever wondered why, as a Jesus follower, you have times of strong faith and times of little faith?

It’s all part of God’s growth and faith building process and here are some examples of how…

The More You Grow the More You Flow

If the ax is dull and he does not sharpen its edge, then he must exert more strength. Wisdom has the advantage of giving success.” Ecclesiastes 10:10

“If I had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first…

Mark Furlong

Helping busy, active people know and live all of God’s purposes for their life: the complete life.,

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